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Shaping the Future of Crypto Finance

Led by Moshe Ziv, a visionary architect and entrepreneur, and Or M. SUPER BULLISH is a select consortium dedicated to pioneering the crypto space. Our core mission revolves around uncovering and nurturing groundbreaking projects within the crypto ecosystem. Leveraging advanced research methodologies and bulliss extensive social network, we dive deep into the crypto world to identify nascent projects with exponential growth potential.

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Our strategy is precise: focus on emerging projects with small market caps poised for significant impact. Through meticulous vetting, leveraging industry insights, and validating information directly from project founders and leading figures, we ensure each endeavor we embark on is positioned for success. SUPER BULLISH embodies the convergence of expertise, innovation, and strategic foresight, offering unparalleled access to the crypto finance frontier.

Each project is cherry picked after extensive research and utilizing Moshe’s social networking. With provided skills to validate information from project founders, other top leading entrepreneurs in the industry, and other respectful resources.

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Groups are diversified. If you will try to unify the group member’s characters you will find men and women, young and old, ones who lost everything and ones who won everything, local and international, and all of that together builds the group strength and success.

We can’t write just words, as whoever read until this point is looking for the numbers, so we will just mention that whoever is following the group spirit will always be profitable. Our words are backed up facts.

As of today the group is closed for new members and only a recommendation from a member can privilege you to join. This group is life changing, embrace it as that.